You Can Stop Working Now

You Can Stop Working Now

My final semester of college I worked 40 hours per week, took 21 hours of classes, wrote a thesis about Singapore, played in a band and cared for grandparents who lived an hour away.

Somehow I still managed to pull off six A’s and one B that semester. Two of those were law classes.

I’m not telling you that to brag…well, actually I guess I am sort of.  But there’s a point.

I learned something valuable during that season.

The highest grade you can make is an A.

I’m already prepared for the hate mail I’ll be getting over this, so I’m gonna say it boldly.

There is a certain point at which you need to stop working. What you’ve done is enough.

I meet a lot of people who literally stress themselves into sickness over grades or work. They lock themselves away and shut people out to make sure they get that stupid little grade or commendation.

I get it really. All the status quo mongers in our societal system tell you those first five letters of the alphabet and/or commendations from the people in charge determine your future.

But here’s the truth.

There’s stuff that’s more important than grades or commendations. One of those is having a life outside of school or work. Most importantly – relationships.

If you want to live an extraordinary life the most important thing you can do is develop relationships. Sure, work hard, get good grades and make a living, but never forget that there is a point that is enough. Killing yourself and doing way more work than necessary is a waste of resources.

We only have so much time in life. What matters is developing relationships.

Work hard, but don’t do more work or study more than necessary. Save some energy for what really matters – people.