The Hotel Room From Hell

The Hotel Room From Hell

I booked a hotel room on one of those bidding websites the other day. It said the hotel was 3-stars. I was pretty excited about the deal I got.

If that hotel really did qualify for 3 stars they must have been imploded stars.

Paint was peeling from walls everywhere. The air conditioner vents were dusty and rusty and you couldn’t turn the freezing air off. The carpet…well, I think it was growing living organisms. Basically, the hotel stunk – literally.

As I looked around the hotel from hell I thought. I bet this hotel was once a really nice place.

But now it has fallen apart.

The reason: Lack of maintenance

I have never met a person who is living an extraordinary life who isn’t constantly vigilant about maintenance.

They keep their minds sharp by reading and learning.

They keep their things nice and clean.

They exercise and eat healthy.

They repair things when they break.

No matter how meager their resources, they care for what they have. 

What’s amazing about those folks is, they are also the ones who seem to have good thing after good thing come their way. Correlation? Who knows, but I’m guessing yes.

For to everyone who has will more be given, and he will have an abundance. Matt. 25:29