The Time I Punched a Girl in the Face

The Time I Punched a Girl in the Face

When I was ten years old a villain entered my life. Her family started coming to the church where my dad was pastor.

She was bigger than me. She loved to bully me. One day she and two of her amazon-girl friends pinned me up against a wall. They held my arms while she slapped my face over and over.

I warned her twice. “If you don’t stop you’ll be sorry.” She didn’t stop.

In a surge of fury I broke loose from the two amazons and drilled my fist into her face. She dropped to her knees. Her friends ran away.

You know that my-life-is-over feeling? I had it.

I stood there thinking What have I done? Dad is going to kill me.

Parents and medical personnel arrived on the scene. The girl’s dad, a member of the church, was preaching a sermon to the pastor – my dad. I knew it was going to get ugly for me.

What happened next is an example of why my father is an extraordinary man.

He calmly asked me what had happened. I told him, tears in my eyes.

He nodded, patted my shoulder and said, “Sounds like she had it coming.”

Everyone knows that punching girls is a no, no. It’s clearly a crime punishable by spanking or at least grounding. Lord knows we can’t have people running around punching girls. Society would go haywire. Dad needed to make an example of me in front of all those people. But he didn’t.

My dad is really good at not falling into the trap of simply reacting. Though he can be quite emotional, he always carefully evaluates every situation on a case-by-case basis. He never seems fazed by what other people will think of his action or in-action.

Don’t fall into the trap of reacting in the emotion of the moment. Evaluate every situation on a case-by-case basis. A ten year old somewhere is watching you. You might just inspire him to do the same.

For the record: Later, after the smoke had cleared, dad reminded me that punching girls was bad. I haven’t punched a girl since.

…be sober-minded, dignified, self-controlled, sound in faith, in love, and in steadfastness. Titus 2:2