The Problem With My Wife’s Sixth Sense

The Problem With My Wife’s Sixth Sense

I work from home.

What’s hard is there’s no delineation between I’m home and I’m at work.

Now in my mind it’s all clear. But for Emily, well, it’s… a challenge.

I had a little office in the house. (It’s even harder now that my office has turned nursery.) I’d close the doors. But Emily has some sort of sixth sense that can tell as soon as I dive into something important. It’s like she knows.

At the exact moment that I’m about to start something important she pops through the doors. Sometimes I can hear her pacing outside first, trying to decide if she can interrupt me.

She’s a quality-time love language peep, so continuing to glance at my book or scribble a note to myself so I won’t forget what I’ve been working on is unacceptable when she is talking. She wants full attention.

I get frustrated.

But there is still something in me that says, you need to be available.

The most extraordinary people I know are available. My friend Bob Goff put his mobile phone number in the back of his New York Times bestselling book. He will actually answer if you call him. He’s big-time famous, but he’s available. In my mind, that kind of availability is pretty courageous.

It takes discernment to know what’s worth your time and what’s not. It’s easy to let distractions eat up your time. I think that’s why I find it so easy to take the path that just makes me unavailable. It’s easier.

I’m learning to be better at being available.

Courageously be available for the people in your life. Give them your full attention, then see what happens. It might just change your life.