Adopting the Extraordinary Life

Adopting the Extraordinary Life

My friend Teresa went to high school with me in Guatemala. I lost track of her for a while, but thanks to Facebook we recently reconnected.

When I saw what she has done with her life I thought it was pretty extraordinary. It’s totally different than what I’ve experienced, so I asked her to talk about her take on extraordinary living.

Here’s a guest blog I asked her to write.

As I close my eyes for a moment, wrapping my fingers around the warmth of the coffee in my hands on this snowy morning, I’m reminded of how different our lives would be, had adoption not been part of our story.

We went against what everyone said we should do.  We went for the scary, the hard, the out-of-the-ordinary.

We adopted out of our birth order and not only brought home four beautiful children from Ethiopia {putting us to six kids}. But two of them are older boys who have experienced more…seen more…than anyone should, let alone a child. Oh how much pain they’ve experienced.

And oh how blessed we are to have them.

Have you ever witnessed a child learn something? It truly is amazing watching it happen right before your eyes. In our case, I don’t mean learning the abc’s or how to walk. I’m talking about learning how to love, how to trust, and understanding that they’re finally safe.

Hearing the first, “I love you” from our 14 year old son who came home six months ago, I couldn’t stop beaming. The first time he asked for a hug, my heart soared.

I don’t mean to sound like it’s easy. It’s FAR from easy. But it’s right.

Even when every single person we asked wisdom from told us not to adopt children older than our biological kids, even when everyone said we will destroy our family, we knew our calling. We were scared, yes of course. We were nervous and curious. But sometimes we’re called to DO the terrifying! The out of the ordinary, the road less traveled.

So what’s tugging on your heart or mind that you’re saying “No Way!” to?

What’s that thing you feel is making you uncomfortable but it’s been there awhile…or shows up consistently enough to make you sit up and take notice of?

Perhaps that’s your uncomfortable thing you need to face or conquer. Or perhaps it’s something deeper…something that will change your life.

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