This is Scarier Than Failure

This is Scarier Than Failure

To the writing of books there is no end... King Solomon
I wrote a book that is getting published this October. You’d think I’m pretty satisfied at this point. People are always saying,  “What a dream come true. You must be really excited!”

Truth is, I’m more nervous now than before I got the contract.

Most books sell less than 1,000 copies. Selling that many books is considered a flop.

So now, I have a book contract but my worst fear is: What if no one wants the book?

If no one buys the book chances are I won’t get another contract. Yikes.

The only thing scarier than failure is having a little success and then wondering if you can keep it up.

The most extraordinary people I know don’t settle with their previous successes. They step out and keep taking risks. It gets scarier every time because there’s more to lose. It’s easier to just look back on your past wins. But I’m convinced that if you want to move forward you will always have to face risking what you’ve already attained.

Whatever goal you have make sure that you aren’t afraid to keep moving forward once you’ve attained it. Don’t let fear of failing after a success or two hold you back.

I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. Phil. 3:14