Optimism About the Middle East Crisis

Optimism About the Middle East Crisis

Emily and I were talking this morning about how dark the world seems right now. Violence everywhere. Everyone is angry and yelling at each other. No one seems to want to come together on anything. She’s been super discouraged.

Nobody likes an unrealistically positive person, but I find myself strangely optimistic right now.

I’m convinced that God has each of us here at this time and place in history for a reason. God doesn’t do anything by accident. He’s the most strategic being in the universe. He doesn’t make mistakes.

If we are here now we have a purpose. This is the best time in history for us to step up and be who God called us to be – to live a life that draws people to the hope of Jesus. That’s our only real hope. Not peace in the Middle East or money or government reform. We get distracted from the real deal when we focus on those things.

The darker it gets the more people realize they need hope. Jesus is that hope.

Our single, sole and only job on this earth is to bring glory to God by pointing people to Jesus. One person at a time.

That’s it.

We gotta stay focused on Jesus. The greatest gift you can give the world is to be who God made you and draw attention to God through living that life to the fullest. It’s not your opinions that draw people – it’s how you are living. Show people where real hope is found. Walk in the strengths that God gave you. Whether that’s art or business or raising kids or ministry.

Don’t get discouraged. Don’t get distracted by all the yelling. Don’t let it take you away from your purpose. Sure, have your opinions, but make sure Jesus is what you always take people to – he’s the hope of the world. And that makes me optimistic, because God is in ultimate control and we are in the palm of his hand.

… and we rejoice in hope of the glory of God. (Romans 5:2)