What Harvard Could Never Teach You

What Harvard Could Never Teach You

A few years back I applied to Harvard. They turned me down. No phones calls. No follow-up. Just a letter that basically said, Nice try bub. You ain’t gettin’ in. We have high standards – you don’t meet them.

Harvard was a long shot. I knew it when I applied. My grades were mediocre at best. My SAT score was average. I scored below average on the GRE. Hard as I tried I never was able to excel at school.

In fact, according to every test I’ve ever taken I am an average or below-average person.

I used to be embarrassed about how average I am. I tried to get better at taking tests and talking all intellectual. But I could never keep up with the smart people. They just kept getting smarter.

So I just started doing stuff I knew I was good at. Like taking people into the outdoors. Through that I realized I’m pretty good at starting things. So I started doing that too. I also liked writing. So I did that too.

Then God started blessing my little outdoor adventure endeavor. And he blessed some things I started. Then he allowed me to get some stuff I wrote published.

Listen. I’m certain there is something you are really good at. It may not be able to make you millions of dollars or fame and success, but if you like it and are good at it there’s a good chance God put that thing in you. I think you need to do that thing.

Don’t try to be something you aren’t. Don’t try to do something that you think others will look up to or respect. Do that thing God put in your heart – no matter how weird or useless it may seem.

If you’ll walk in the strengths God gave you I guarantee you it will take you places you never dreamed. Be who God made you. Bring God glory with that gift he gave you.

Gloria Dei est vivens homo. (The glory of God is man fully alive.) –St. Iranaeus