It’s Up to You to Save Us

It’s Up to You to Save Us

Fire Extinguisher
Did I ever tell you about the time I saved the San Antonio International Airport?

I was working downstairs in the baggage claim area when over the radio I heard a frantic voice say, “Supervisor! There’s a fire on the ticket counter!”

Though I wasn’t the supervisor, I immediately grabbed a fire extinguisher from the back room and ran upstairs. When I got there several of my fellow employees were watching a fire that was burning up a section of the baggage belt behind them.

I was able to get the fire under control fairly quickly. The fire department showed up a few minutes later and investigated what had caused the whole thing.

One of the firemen joked, “Man, you saved the whole airport!”

Ok, so maybe the airport wasn’t in danger of burning down, but I was pretty proud of myself for taking action. I got a letter of commendation and a free plane ticket for a friend for doing that.

I was thinking about that whole experience today. I started thinking about the difference between those who do things and those who stand around watching stuff burn.

The most extraordinary people I know have figured out that they are the answer to the need they see. They don’t sit around waiting for someone else to take care of the fire. They realize they are just as capable as anyone else to grab the tools and solve the problem.

Don’t overspiritualize it. Don’t sit around praying about whether God wants you to put out the fire. Take action and trust that God will give the strength and skill you need when you get brave and do something. You and I are just as capable as anyone else.

The only way this world is gonna change is if we all get that reality deep down within us. We are God’s answer to the problems in this world. Sure, we can’t do it alone. We need his strength. But it’s up to us to grab the fire extinguisher and run to the fire.

Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid. – Basil King