When Russian Comes in Handy

When Russian Comes in Handy

Cyrillic Script
While I was climbing Mt. Elbrus in Russia we spent lots of time sitting around base camp acclimatizing to the altitude. We slept in these huge barrels. They were warm, but I sometimes wondered what they used to store in them. I hoped it wasn’t toxic waste.

One night sitting around in the barrels I asked our guide Oksana if she would teach me Cyrillic writing. I wanted to be able to read signs when we got back to Moscow, even if I had no clue what they meant. Every night after dinner she would teach me the letters and the sounds they made.

I was in Greece last month. Cyrillic and Greek have lots of common letters. Enough so that I could actually read most of the signs around town. That little education I got on that mountain paid off in a place I never had any idea I’d ever visit.

I started thinking about something my dad always says: Every skill you learn is a key on your keychain.

If you want to live an extraordinary life I’m convinced one of the best things you can do is get prepared. For anything and everything. Expect God is going to present you with opportunities you never expected. Never stop learning. Keep adding keys to your keychain that will get you through doors you don’t even know will come your way.

Learning new stuff is hard and it’s frustrating, but I believe that when you face the challenge of learning new things you are actually creating opportunities for yourself.

God sends opportunities to those who are prepared.

 … make the most of every opportunity. (Colossians 4:5)