Waiting Stinks, But…

Waiting Stinks, But…

Waiting Stinks
Last year I self-published a little book I had written called Vision Map. About two days later Moody Press offered to publish the book for me.

So, I pulled the book off Amazon.com. We made some edits to it, added some material, changed the cover and then the waiting began. It’s a long process for an impatient soul like me. It’s been 9 months now in the works. The book comes out October 1.

And I’ve been going crazy.

I run into people all the time who I know would benefit from the message of the book. But I have nothing to give them. It’s frustrating.

I think waiting is one of the hardest parts of being a visionary. There’s usually a season where you see the dream right in front of you but you are just waiting on one thing to happen. You always wonder if you should be doing more – one more phone call, one more hour of work.

I’m convinced God doesn’t make us wait just to mess with us. I think there’s something powerful that happens when we are in the meantime.

Emily constantly has to remind me that God’s timing is perfect. He wants the dream in my heart to happen more than I do. It was his dream in the beginning. He just let me steward it. But he is much more concerned about who we become than what we do. So in those seasons of waiting he’s working something in us.

If you are in a season of waiting, trust that God is working behind the scenes. He’s divinely orchestrating the timing of everything. Our job while waiting is just to remain faithful with what’s in front of us and lean into him so we’ll know the instant he moves.

Wait for the Lord and keep his way, and he will exalt you to inherit the land… Ps. 37:4