The Secret We Won’t Tell Anyone

The Secret We Won’t Tell Anyone

Secret Dream
Recently I was talking with a pastor who is very successful. He has what many would call a dream job at a super influential church. But he commented that he really feels there is something more he is called to in addition to what he is already doing.

I had a feeling he already knew what that “thing” was – so I asked him, “What’s the thing deep down that you really want to do?”

He shared what it was. Of course I got excited, because I love helping people go after their dreams. We started making a plan and laying out a few steps he can take.

The more people I hang around the more I’m convinced that EVERY ONE of us has some secret dream inside of us that we really want to pursue. Write a book. Start a business. Make a movie. Create a blog. Record a musical album. Start serving people in need.

It’s one of those things that most of us quickly push aside because we just don’t feel like we have the time or resources to do it. Life is already too full, why add something else? Maybe later.

But here’s what I’ve found. Those who actually start pursuing that secret dream will often find themselves reinvigorated. Life may have seemed dull and humdrum for a while now, but once they start going after the dream in their heart something comes to life.

I think that life is straight from God. It’s something amazing that happens when we start pursuing that thing deep in our hearts. I believe God put it there and I believe he wants you to pursue it.

You know what that secret thing is inside of you. It has probably been there a while. Maybe it’s time to start exploring what it would look like to go after it.

Maybe it’s time to start.

P.S. There’s a great book coming out October 1, 2014 about how to pursue that dream. It’s called Vision Map. You should check it out 🙂