When You Wish You Lived Somewhere Else

When You Wish You Lived Somewhere Else

I was speaking at a church in Carson City, NV yesterday. It’s just east of Lake Tahoe. The area is beautiful. The mountains are amazing.

At the church the pastor was chatting with a young man who made a negative comment in passing about being from Carson City. I thought it was funny because I was just thinking how nice it would be to live around all this beauty. Houston is nice, but I lead people on mountain climbing trips. There ain’t no mountains in Houston. I always have to go somewhere else to do it. How am I supposed to live the dream when there aren’t any mountains around?

It got me thinking about how often I get location sickness. It’s that feeling that if you were just somewhere else, or doing something else, or just past this phase of life everything would be ok.

I think we all get it at times. I also think some of use it as an excuse to keep from getting started on what we are supposed to be doing – right where we are.

You may want to take people up mountains but find yourself living in the bayous of Texas. You may have a dream to do something that you have decided you can’t start on until you move or something changes. It may seem like there is no way you could ever do what you want to do living where you are.

But you and I have to remind ourselves that God likes to do impossible things in the most unlikely of places. He took David from herding sheep to ruling a kingdom. David was definitely not strategically placed to be the next king while watching sheep in the field. Bad strategy. But God knew where he was.

God knows where you are. And he’s given you everything you need right here and right now to do what’s he’s called you to do.

Don’t give in to location sickness. Fight it. Enjoy where you are and do the best you can right where God has placed you.