Click Here to Get Your Dream Going

Click Here to Get Your Dream Going

The-First-Seven-Steps(Link to video series below)

A dream is coming true for me today. And I’m convinced yours can come true too. I want to help with that.

My book Vision Map is now available nationwide.

The book is a step-by-step guide to going after the dream God placed in your heart. There’s no formula for success. God works differently in each person. But there are some consistent things I’ve seen God uses to make things happen. I share those things in the book.

I lay out a simple tool you can use to get moving on whatever it is you want to do – write a book, lose 20-pounds, raise a family that loves Jesus, start a business or ministry or whatever other desire God placed in your heart. It’s the process I used to get Summit Leaders started. I tell that story in the book.

My hope is that it inspires you to go after whatever idea or dream you have. I believe that if God placed it there he will make it come to pass if you’ll do your part and count on him to do his part.

Along with the book we also created a free video curriculum based on the book to help you get started. The videos are short and are accompanied by action sheets. I think you’ll find them helpful. We had a blast shooting them all over the country.

So, I have 2, yea 3, favors to ask:

  1. Would you buy a copy of the book? Or better yet, buy two – one for you and one for someone you know who could use some inspiration in going after their dream. Then share on social media (Facebook or Twitter) that you ordered a copy. Click here to see buying options.
  2. Would you write a review on either Amazon, Barnes and Noble, CBD about the book? Write one specific thing that spoke to you in the book. Reviews are a big deal. Even if they aren’t good. 🙂 The more reviews, the more it helps.
  3. Would you take a look at the video series and then share the link to the videos on the social media outlet of your choice? Click here for the video series.

Thank you all so much for helping me. Your recommendations and help are the most powerful way to get the word out. We are counting on friends to get the word out since we don’t have a huge marketing budget. My prayer is that it inspires thousands of people to go after the dream they have been hesitant to pursue. Thanks for your help in this!