Your Weirdness is a Good Thing

Your Weirdness is a Good Thing

Lots of people ask me how I ended up starting Summit Leaders. “How did you know that’s what you were supposed to do?”

Here’s the answer I give them: “Well, I knew I had a really weird skill set. I’m good at taking people on adventures around the world. So I asked God how I could use that for his glory and then followed that path.”

It’s that simple.

I’m guessing there is something you are really, really good at. It may be weird and completely un-marketable. You may never be able to make money off of it and there will be tons of people that say you shouldn’t go after it because you can’t make a living doing it. I say – ignore those people. Do what God put in your heart to do. Make sure you are giving that gift a chance to bloom. The world needs you to be who God made you.

For we are his workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. Eph. 2:10
P.S. If you want to get started on that unique calling in your heart you should watch this free video series we made based on the book Vision Map. It’ll give you some practical things you can do to get moving.