The Lady Who Wears a Plastic Tiara

The Lady Who Wears a Plastic Tiara

Last year I did a Summit Leaders trip with Margaret Feinberg to Acadia National Park in Maine. One of the first applications I got was from a lady who’s email name was The Queen of Free.

That sounded strange to me. So I did some research. I found her website. A curly-haired lady who wears a plastic tiara and has a cheery smile showed up. I was intrigued.

When we finally met Cherie on the trip I heard her story. She and her husband paid off $127,482.30 of debt in four years. Holy moly!

I was thinking today about what makes some people conquer seemingly impossible challenges while others never quite get over the hump. So I asked her:

Me: “…what is the key to beating debt?”

Cherie: “Two words… Hope. Intentionality.”

Seems too simple right? But that came from a person who has fought in the trenches. She knows life is complicated and messy. But she still had a simple answer. They say, a man with experience is never at the mercy of a man with a theory.

Cherie and her hubby Brian have the experience and are an example of something I’ve always believed. You can do nearly anything if you’ll stay encouraged and put in the hard work – no matter how impossible it looks. When you stay hopeful and work hard it seems God looks down and says, “Good job! I’m gonna give you a hand here.”

Combine your hard work with God’s miraculous intervention and don’t be surprised if your struggle turns to victory quicker than you ever imagined. You may even get a book deal out of it like my friend Cherie.

Stay encouraged. Work hard. Win.

Check out Cherie’s website here.