My Dad Was a Yes-Man

My Dad Was a Yes-Man

I’m helping my dad write a book about parenting. One of the lines I read yesterday from him got me thinking:

“If your default is yes then your child learns that there is a reason for your no.”

My parents said yes a lot while I was growing up. They let me drive around Guatemala City when I was only 15. They let me skip school to go on medical outreaches into the mountains of Guatemala. In fact, they said yes to pretty much everything.

It would have been much easier for them to say no to me. There would have been a lot less potential for trouble. But instead they let me explore and helped me figure it out along the way. It was lots more work for them though. I know lots of parents thought my parents just let me run wild. In reality they were very strict about certain things – like rebellion. If dad sensed a hint of rebellion he came down on me like a Kansas tornado.

I realized yesterday that being raised in that culture of yes has caused me to be a little braver than most. Rather than just say no and avoid all potential trouble I tend to say yes – then figure it out as I go. That has led to some pretty sweet experiences in my life.

You may have been raised in a no culture. But I wonder if it might be time for you to start saying yes to things. Not just more PTA meetings or more social events. I’m talking about the big stuff – like adventure and the unknown.

Yes is messier. There’s more potential for things to go wrong. But I’ve found a lot more things go right than you might believe. I’ve also found that when I’m brave and say yes it opens the door for God to do things I never imagined possible. But it starts with being bold and saying yes.

Be brave. Say yes more. Leave room for God to do some incredible things in your life.


Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then I said, “Here I am ! Send me.” Isaiah 6:8