Your Phone Isn’t Telling the Whole Truth

Your Phone Isn’t Telling the Whole Truth

I got to go to Paris a while back. We went to a place called Trocadero that overlooks the Eiffel Tower. Around 9:00pm hoards of people arrived cramping my space. I wasn’t sure why so many people were coming.

Then all at once I heard a collective gasp. I looked up. The Eiffel Tower was covered with glittering lights. It was beautiful. I watched for several minutes before looking around. Every person around me was watching the event. But they weren’t watching the actually event. They were watching it through their phones – trying to capture the moment. (Like you could actually capture the moment.)

It got me thinking how often we end up filtering everything in our lives through those silly screens we have everywhere. We are content to watch life through a screen even when the real deal is right in front of us.

We read something online about a church just down the street. Someone tells us they are preaching heresy. Rather than get up and go check it out for ourselves we let the screen do the processing for us.

We hear about a problem and make a strong judgment based on the limited view of the complex problem we get from the little screen in front of us.

I do it all the time. I accept a limited view. It’s easier.

It makes me wonder how often I miss out on some serious opportunities to expand my world because I accept the limited view I see on the screen rather than dive into the dirty work of experiencing it firsthand.

Step away from the screen. Get out there and expand your perspective. Next time you read or see something on the screen do your best to actually experience it a little. It may be a little risky, but I guarantee it will change you. It might even open a whole other world you never knew existed. God’s world is big. And it’s full of opportunities.

Change of Pace + Change of Place = Change of Perspective  – Mark Batterson