The Voice That Says You Can’t Do It

The Voice That Says You Can’t Do It

Last Sunday I was speaking at a church about Vision Map. When I got to the part where I talk about how to make your own Vision Map I heard a voice in my head that said something like: This concept is so simple, Joël. Why on earth would this be any help to anyone? You look dumb explaining it.

But I explained it anyway. Because I’ve heard that voice before. Every time I’m about to share my message. Whenever I’m able to push past that voice something happens.

I see peoples’ faces get brighter. They come up to me afterwards and start talking about the black-letter and red-letter goals they have. I can tell they got it. I can also tell that they are about to attack whatever it is they are facing with some serious strategy and resolve.

I think we all face those voices. The ones that say the thing you are really good at doing or explaining doesn’t really matter. It’s the voice that makes you think no one cares what you have to offer. It says your idea is too dumb or little to make any difference. Why would anyone listen to me? Why would anyone read this?

You need to ignore those voices.

God has given you a unique message to share and a problem to solve. We need you to share that message. We need you to solve that problem.

Ignore the voices that are trying to keep you from giving the world what you have to offer.