The Secret to Being Brave

The Secret to Being Brave

Be Brave
Several months ago I was asked to speak about Vision Map at a business event in Spanish. I said yes.

The closer I got to the event the more nervous I got. I’m really comfortable speaking Spanish in conversation, but the pressure of doing it in front of lots of people made me nervous. But I figured it would be a small group, so I’d be ok.

I practiced a lot. Then two things happened that upped the intensity level on the whole thing.

  1. I got a call from the coordinators and they let me know how many people would be there. Yikes. This was not going to be a small group!
  2. I googled the main speaker for the event. I shouldn’t have done that. The guy is the Dave Ramsey of Latin America. He’s big time.

I didn’t sleep very well the next few nights. My mind was rehearsing over and over exactly what I was going to say. The night before the event was the worst. I got about four hours of sleep.

I arrived thirty minutes early and there was already a large crowd. I got shuttled to the front of the room. They handed me the conference workbook. There was a bio of me and I discovered I’d be speaking right after the main speaker – on the same stage. My heart started pounding. Then I discovered there’d be an open question and answer session afterwards.  Ugh!

The main guy got up and spoke. He was brilliant and engaging. My nervousness intensified. There was a short break and then it was my turn.

I don’t remember much about the next 45 minutes. I tried to share some practical wisdom. I think I said a few funny things. I’m hoping some people walked away with something valuable. Afterward people came up and told me it was encouraging. But Latinos are the most gracious people in the world, so I’m not sure I can believe them.

Here’s what I’ve learned about being brave. If you want to get braver, start saying yes to things and then figure out later how you are going to do them well. Don’t over think it. Just seize the opportunity.

I’m convinced brave people aren’t always the most qualified or skilled, they are usually just, well, brave. They seize opportunities and trust that God will give them the ability to pull off something they don’t necessarily feel capable of doing.

It’s not really about you anyway. It’s about God using you to show that he can do amazing things through normal, insecure people who let God use them even when it’s uncomfortable.

Be bold and Mighty Forces will come to your aid. – Basil King