The Comment That Rings in Your Head

The Comment That Rings in Your Head

I’ve been speaking at a lot of events lately. Afterwards people come up and want to talk to me. I like talking to people. I’ve finally gotten used to signing books, (it’s awkward, but I do it) but there is one thing I haven’t gotten used to.

Invariably, amidst all the kind comments I will get one person who will say something like, “That was really good, but I wish you would have…” They’ll then qualify something I said or say they think I didn’t give the whole story.

I get it. They are concerned that the whole story gets told. And I do my best to tell the whole story. But speaking in front of people is a dynamic process. Sometimes you unintentionally leave stuff out or forget something you intended to say.

What’s hard is, no matter how well the event went, the only words I hear over the next few days are the words that one person said. (One conversation is ringing in my head this morning.) I can get fifty compliments about how the message inspired them – but that one sort-of negative comment eats at my brain for days.

I have to remind myself that any time you set out to do something of any value someone is going to come along and tell you why you aren’t doing it correctly. Creating. Parenting. Learning.  I guess we need those people. But we can’t let them discourage us from doing what we are called to do to the best of our ability – no matter how flawed or imperfect it is.

Just give it all you’ve got. Strive to get better and better. But you’ll never please everyone. So don’t even try. Be who you are and share the message God gave you – no matter how imperfectly you do it.