A Land of Eternal Spring

A Land of Eternal Spring

Last week as I was preparing to go to Guatemala I kept checking the weather on my phone. It looked like it was going to be really cold. I started getting concerned. Guatemala is called the land of eternal spring. It’s always mild there. But looking at the forecast I packed a ton of warm clothes.

We got there. The weather was like it always is. Perfect. I realized that on previous trips to Guatemala I never had the availability of a weather app on my phone. So I never looked to see what the weather would be like. I just went. And things went great.

I started thinking about how often I overprepare and psych myself out before I take on an adventure. Sometimes I overthink so much that I never take action. I decide, based on the “experts” or an app on my phone, that it is not going to be good and never step out.

I was reminded that sometimes you don’t need a lot of details. Sometimes you need to stop preparing and just go. There’s a good chance things won’t be quite as bad as people say they are. Plus God will give the grace for the unique journey he called you to, whatever it is – parenting, a new job, a new city.

Don’t spend too much time thinking and preparing. Step into the unknown and you might just find yourself in your own land of eternal spring.

He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. Ps. 23:2