The Hardest Part of Writing a Book

The Hardest Part of Writing a Book

Holding You Back
A friend of mine decided recently to write a book. Because of where he works and what he has accomplished I am absolutely certain he will get the book published once he has a good manuscript. He’s got a platform most authors only dream of.

I asked him yesterday how the book writing was going.

“Bro, since I decided to do this so many things have come up. I’ve gotten so busy.”

No surprise. That’s how it usually goes. The moment you decide you are going to create or do some self-improvement a powerful force emerges that does it’s best to keep you from doing it. Stephen Pressfield calls it Resistance in his book The War of Art.

You decide to run every morning. Your first day a blizzard blows in.
You decide to get up early to write. You get sick the next day.
You decide to start sewing. Your machine breaks.

Whatever you call it, if you don’t manage to overcome it you’ll never create that thing you dream of doing. I’m writing this at 5:35am. I was lying in bed, nice and cozy just a few minutes ago. It was cold outside those covers. I didn’t want to get up. Plus, I didn’t know what to blog about. But I pushed past the resistance and now this blog exists.

Lord knows change and discipline are hard enough. So do whatever you can to make creating and improving easy. Leave all your supplies out (even if it’s messy) so you can jump right into work. Sleep in your workout clothes. Set aside 20 minutes each day to write your memoirs. Download Scrivener for writing your books (that’s done wonders for me.) Make it as easy as possible to get started. That’s the hardest part.

If you’ll overcome the resistance God can take what you’ve done and make amazing things from it. But you’ve gotta start. Today.