The Creativity Hiding in You

The Creativity Hiding in You

The plane I’m currently on has wifi. Crazy right? For the next four hours I’m trapped in a tin can flying across the country, but I have access to the world. I usually spend time on planes writing because I’m stuck there and have no other option. But, my laptop is in the overhead bin. The plane is packed. Getting up to get my computer will take some work.

I find myself in a mental battle. Should I get up and retrieve the laptop or should I just log on to the internet on my phone and browse Facebook for the next half a workday?

I elect to get up, grab my laptop and take time to focus on writing.

It’s becoming increasingly easy in this world to spend enormous amounts of time consuming. TV and internet on iPads and smartphones. But I tend to believe that the greatest fulfillment comes in creating. It’s ok to enjoy, but do it for too long and you’ll miss out on a truth I believe wholeheartedly: There’s creativity in you.

The fact that we are created in God’s image has multiple theological angles, most of which I’m not qualified to discuss. But I tend to believe that one of the most basic things it means is that we have a creative element to us. God is creative and I believe he gave us all the ability to be the same. God gave us the ability to create.

Is it possible that one of the enemy’s greatest tricks to keep us unfulfilled and miserable is to convince us that we’ll be happy just consuming? I tend to believe it is. I’m convinced we bring God tremendous amounts of glory when we choose to create, not just consume.

Rather than settle for just watching someone else’s art or wearing someone else’s designs – why don’t you make something of your own? Learn to play piano or sew. Create an experience for someone. Write. Paint. Sure, there’s a learning curve. But there’s nothing quite like putting in some hard work and having something to show for it. I never get that feeling from watching TV. I do get that feeling from pounding out 1,000 words – even if I never share them with anyone else.

Start creating more. Enjoy other people’s work, but make some of your own. I’m certain you’ll begin to feel more fulfilled.