Don’t Be Afraid to Face the Sun

Don’t Be Afraid to Face the Sun

Face the Sun
“We need to attack it now. It’s pre-cancer and will turn into carcinoma.”

This was the dermatologist’s prognostication after 7.2 seconds of looking at the mysterious spot under my eye.

“What causes stuff like this?” I asked.

“The sun. Through the years the sun is destroying you. It will lead to carcinoma and it will kill you.” She said flatly.

Geez. “Is it just doing this to me or is it everyone?”

“Everyone. Nobody escapes the sun’s damage.”

“So what can be done to avoid it?”

“Tint all your windows. Car. Home. Avoid being outside too long. Always wear long sleeves and cover your skin when you go out. Wear sunscreen every day. Always wear a hat.”

I left that doctor’s appointment convinced the sun is out to kill me.

It got me thinking. There’s a lot that can go wrong in this world. It’s a dangerous place in many ways. Some people recommend you do all you can to protect yourself from it. Hide. Cover up under layers of protection. Avoid interaction with anything slightly risky.

I’ve seen people do that relationally. I’ve seen people do it in their calling. They do all they can to keep from getting hurt by life. They live in fear.

But the fact is, life is gonna kill us all at some point. You can live in constant fear of that and never really live. Or you can take some reasonable precautions and get out there and enjoy life under the sun.

God’s grace covers us in a special way. It’s our protection in this dangerous world. That should give us courage and freedom to get out there and overcome fear.

Don’t live in fear of all the bad things that can happen. Take some reasonable precautions. Pray hard. Then walk boldly into the sun and live. Just live.

I shall not die, but I shall live, and recount the deeds of the Lord. Ps. 118:17