How To Conquer Layers of Fear

How To Conquer Layers of Fear

For many years I was terrified of getting married. My parents showed a great example of a healthy marriage, but I looked around and saw lots of unhealthy ones. It terrified me to think that I could be in a marriage like that.

Eventually I got married. I look back now and think, Why on earth was I afraid of this? It’s amazing.

For many years I was afraid to raise support and go on the mission field. Again, I had a great example in my parents, but I looked around and saw lots of struggling missionaries. Sure enough, God asked us to move to Latin America and raise support. I look back now and think, Why was I so afraid. God came through.

So now, we are having this baby. I’ll admit, I was afraid to have a baby. But the fear got really intense when we found out we are having a girl. The world of girls scares me. It’s totally unfamiliar and uncomfortable for me.

I’ve been finding myself wide-awake in the early morning hours feeling nervous. How am I going to do this?

It’s amazing how bound up we all are with fear. It’s like the layers of an onion. You peel one layer away and then find another. I don’t believe anyone who says they are fearless. No human is completely fearless. Some just lie to themselves better than others.

I actually think that being afraid is a gift from God if we’ll embrace it. Every layer of fear we find hidden in us requires us to activate another level of faith. Faith most of us don’t think we have. But it’s there. It’s faith that comes from God himself, but it stays dormant within us until we activate it.

We activate it by taking the step.

True faith is taking action (based on godly wisdom) because you believe. You never find the faith you need to take action by sitting around and hoping to drum it up. You’ve gotta just take the step first.

Good things happen when you do this. Really good things.

Be bold. Keep peeling back the layers of fear.

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him. Hebrews 11:1,6