What I Learned About Money from a Bunch of Millionaires

What I Learned About Money from a Bunch of Millionaires

I took a bunch of high net worth individuals hiking a while back. About three days into the hike I had a realization:

These people think very differently than I do.

They thought about pretty much everything differently – particularly money.

I shared the observation with one of the guys on the trip. He told me something that has stuck with me.

“Ya. Once you make a bunch of money you look around and realize that the most valuable thing isn’t money, it’s time. They aren’t making more of it.”

I don’t know about you, but I spend about 22 hours of the day concerned about money. Will I be able to provide for Emily and Elise? What if we can’t cover the bills one month?

But based on what my wealthy friend said, I think I may be focused on the wrong thing. Time is the most valuable resource I have. And the problem is, none of us knows exactly how much time we have.

The question then becomes: Am I making the most of it?

You may feel under-resourced or just completely broke, but you still have what you need – because the most important thing is using the time you have in the best way possible.

You have what you need right now. You have today.

So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom. Ps. 90:12


P.S. I’ve also learned time is the most valuable thing you have to offer your family and friends.