Finding My Wife on eHarmony

Finding My Wife on eHarmony

When my sister and her (now) husband got engaged they played a fun game and got on eHarmony to see if it would match them up. It did.

I thought that was cool, so while Emily and I were dating I did the same thing. We filled out the long survey. Emily immediately got matched up with dozens of people.

I got to the final page of the survey and a screen popped up that basically said:

We’re sure you are a great person, but we don’t think we can match your unique personality up with anyone.

Yes friends, I got rejected by eHarmony.

This morning I was having one of those faith lapses when I wondered if God really is guiding me.

I thought about Emily.

I didn’t know what I had when we first got married. She’s amazing. I am not smart enough to have matched myself with such a perfect fit. Apparently eHarmony isn’t either.

But God knew exactly what I needed.

I always find myself doubting God’s plan. I doubt his goodness. Silly me. He has never not delivered on his promises. My job is to constantly remind myself of his faithfulness and goodness.

God will not default on this promise. He will provide. He will protect. He will get you home safely. Even if the experts say otherwise.

Somewhere around you there is a reminder that God has been good. Go find that person, place or thing and stir up your faith by remembering God’s goodness.

I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. Ps. 27:13