The Old Man That Reminded Me To Chill

The Old Man That Reminded Me To Chill

Old Man
When we moved to Peru, Emily and I arrived with one trunk each and my guitar. I was determined to get us settled quickly, so the day after we arrived I started looking for housing. We looked at about twenty places over the first few days but found nothing that would work for us.

After about four days of looking I was irritated with God. I had prayed we’d find a house quickly. He hadn’t answered.

Emily sent me out to the open-air market to get some avocados. The whole way there I was complaining to God about how I felt he had let me down.

I got the avocados and started walking back toward the place we were staying temporarily. But something inside me told me I was supposed to walk the opposite way. So I went. Half a block from that market an old man called to me from across the street.

“Hey. Are you looking for a place to live?”

I thought I had heard him wrong. He proceeded to take me to a beautiful little apartment overlooking the city of Cusco. We hadn’t seen anything close to this nice in all our looking. Rent was even below what I had budgeted. We moved in three days later. Within one week we were in an apartment and settled in Peru.

Emily and I were talking about that experience yesterday. I was thinking about how uptight I was. I wish I would have relaxed a little more and enjoyed that journey. I was so determined to get things settled. It got me thinking about other times I was uptight when there really wasn’t much need to be. Looking back I see God was working, I just needed to chill out a little.

Fast forward: Babies are expensive. I’m scrambling. I’m back into hyper-drive mode. I feel the pressure to provide for this new member of the family. But remembering that story yesterday I started to think maybe I need to chill a little. God promises that he won’t change on us. (Mal 3:6) So he’s still working.

There’s probably something going on in your life right now that you need to chill out about too. Spend a little less time worrying and enjoy the journey. Tell yourself the stories of the times God has provided and kept you safe. That’ll stir up your faith to stay alert and watch as God provides for everything you need.

Cease striving and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth. PS. 46:10