When You Realize You’ve Had It All Wrong

When You Realize You’ve Had It All Wrong

Last Sunday, on the recommendation of a coach who is helping me, I sent out a survey asking some specific questions about the people who are engaged in, or have shown interest in Summit Leaders.

I’ve been getting a bit discouraged about the speed of growth. It has been good, but I want it faster. So the coach recommended I figure out who is interested in what I’m offering.

Within no time responses started pouring in. After only a few hours I had enough input to start evaluating the data.

What I read was brain-rattling.

Pretty much everything I had assumed about who was interested in Summit Leaders was wrong.

I thought most of them were mid-twenties.
More than half are over forty.

I thought most of them were discontent, so they were seeking adventure.
Nearly half said they love where they are and what they are doing.

I also discovered that a whopping 80% have college degrees. And half of those (40% total) have graduate degrees. Geez.

They also make way more money than I thought they did and the things they feel are holding them back aren’t what I thought they would be. Not having enough time was the biggest thing.

I’ve been pretty much wrong about most of the things I’ve been assuming. I’ve been missing the mark on what people are looking for in what I’m offering.

So now, I’ve gotta decide what to do. If I’m gonna really help people with this deal I need to make sure I’m offering what they are looking for.

I’m kind of kicking myself because I see that what the data shows actually matches up perfectly with my personal experience with team and coaching participants. Duh! Why didn’t I see that?

I’ve had several points in my life where it became abundantly clear I had it all wrong. It’s interesting to me how in those moments I still find myself thinking, surely that can’t be right. I couldn’t be that off the mark. I’ve been so caught up in my perception of something that I miss the obvious that’s right in front of me.

It’s in those moments that true growth happens. It happens when we are willing to admit that we just don’t have it all figured out. There just might be something we are missing, so we need to stay teachable. We need to stay humble.

So, may I be so bold as to ask: Is there something you may be missing that is right in front of you? Are you feeling slightly frustrated but not sure why? Maybe it’s time you ask some folks around you what you are missing.

Listen carefully and adapt accordingly.

It could change your life. It could cause you to make a bigger impact.

Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be still wiser; teach a righteous man, and he will increase in learning. Proverbs 9:9