About My Wife’s Stressful Cooking

About My Wife’s Stressful Cooking

When I was in college I got tired of eating out so I decided I needed to learn to cook. A girl from work taught me a few basic things I could make with garlic and salt. That first meal took forever to make because I kept the heat super low. But eventually I sat down to eat it. I felt so proud, even though it wasn’t very good.

On my second attempt I got a little bolder and turned up the heat. I started a grease fire. Oops. But I kept learning and I’ve become a pretty decent cook. In fact, I usually do the cooking at our house.

But lately Emily has been getting a little adventurous. I think Pinterest inspired her. It’s funny to watch her because she gets all serious and uptight about following the recipe to a T. Yesterday she was having a stressful moment because she was afraid she couldn’t make the recipe just like the one she had seen. She was about to give up before she even started.

I laughed because I gave up on following recipes exactly a long time ago. I told her, “Just get as close as you can. You’ll get better at improvising as you do it more.”

As I walked out of the kitchen, so proud of my sage-like pep-talk I realized that was something I actually needed to hear. I’ve been working on a project lately that is frustrating me. It’s not perfect and I don’t want to launch it until it is.

I keep forgetting something I tell everyone. Just start. It’s all an experiment. You can tweak it as you go. But if you wait until everything is perfect, you’ll die waiting.

Whether it’s cooking, starting a new ministry or writing. Just start. You’ll get better as you go. Don’t be intimidated by everything having to be perfect. You will get better.

For now, just get moving!

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin… Zech. 4:10