7 Fears Extraordinary People Learn to Overcome

7 Fears Extraordinary People Learn to Overcome

Fears to Overcome
I know lots of people who say they want to live an extraordinary life. But living out of the ordinary doesn’t happen by default. You have to be intentional. You have to face your fears and overcome them. Here are seven fears that the most extraordinary people I know have learned to overcome.

1. The Opinions of Others – Everyone has an opinion. People serving a life-sentence in prison have an opinion. People who sit around playing video games all day have an opinion. Racists have strong opinions. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but it doesn’t mean their opinion really matters or has any value to your life. Extraordinary people don’t live for the approval of others.

2. Failure – You will never see someone who is truly successful who hasn’t had a fair share of failures in their life. It comes with the territory. Extraordinary people would rather be able to say, “Hey, at least I tried!” than to forever wonder what could have been.

3. Success – Yes, many people fear success. They fear what will happen if their life actually gets better. If their dreams actually come true. Will I forget my roots and become full of myself? Will people judge me for stepping out of where I came from? If I have success will I be able to hang on to it? Extraordinary people keep folks around who keep them humble, but they aren’t afraid of success. They use that success to help others.

4. Risk – Opportunity and risk always go together. The greater the opportunity, the greater the risk. You may lose it all. But on the other hand, you may gain more than you ever imagined. Extraordinary people embrace calculated risks.

5. Sacrifice – Lots of people never get where they want to be because the sacrifice seems too great. Rather than surrender comfort and security for a possible payoff down the road, most people choose instant gratification. Extraordinary people know that great success comes at great sacrifice.

6. Going it Alone­ – If the road to an extraordinary life was easy, everyone would be walking it. But it’s hard. Extraordinary people know there will be times they have to walk the road alone. But that doesn’t keep them from moving ahead.

7. Change – If you don’t like change, join the club. Even those who say they like change really only like changes they control. Changes they chose. Life doesn’t work that way. Lots of things in life will be out of your control and constantly changing. Extraordinary people embrace change as part of the process of becoming who they can be.