The Best News You’ll Hear Today!

The Best News You’ll Hear Today!

I woke up to the news of the shootings in Tunisia. I immediately wrote my friend who lives there to ask if he was ok.

He promptly wrote back: Yea, we are fine. Thanks. Just pray for Tunisia.

A few minutes later I got a call from another friend. He was shaken up because a friend of his, a missions pastor who had just returned from serving in Haiti, was killed in a car accident the day she returned home.

I went to her Facebook and looked at pictures of smiling Haitian children and pictures of her tubing the river just a few weeks earlier. Eerie to think she’s gone. So young and way too soon.

A man was beheaded in France. ISIS is making more threats.

I read all sorts of anger all over Facebook. People are mad – about pretty much everything.

What a way to start the morning!

It’s getting ugly out there folks. But here’s the thing.

Jesus said this would happen. (Luke 21:9, John 16:33)

As much as we lament the ruin of the world around us we have to keep our vision lifted. We can’t check out and ignore it, but we have to focus on the big picture.

It may seem like God has checked out. But he has not. He is still in control.

So why doesn’t he do something?

Well, I would argue that he is doing something, but not on a level we comprehend or feel comfortable with. (John 5:17)

But the full answer to what God is up to will not get an answer this side of the space-time continuum. I’m absolutely certain it has to do with him getting glory. But unless you are a cold-blooded theologian, that answer usually doesn’t bring much comfort when you are in the throes of the pain and fear and suffering.

So what, pray tell, do we do?

Here’s my suggestion and what I’m gonna do my best to do.

We live brave. We remember this world isn’t our home. We do our best to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly before God. (Micah 6:8) The God who one day will show up and make it all right in an instant. An instant. He has that kind of power. Ultimate, definitive, frightening power.

And when he deems it to be the fullness of time he will explode onto the scene and make such an overwhelming spectacle of his power that it will leave no doubt in anyone’s mind he has been in charge the whole time.

In that moment we’ll drop to our knees awestruck at his ferocious, loving justice.

Keep your mind and heart fixed on that day while you live in the midst of these trying times. Be bold. Be confident. Be at peace.

Sooner than we probably feel comfortable with we’ll all be singing this refrain:

Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain,
to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength
and honor and glory and praise!”


The kingdom of the world has become
the kingdom of our Lord and of his Messiah,
and he will reign for ever and ever.
Revelation 5&11