When God Comes Through at the Wrong Time

When God Comes Through at the Wrong Time

When I found out that Moody Press wanted to publish Vision Map I was thrilled. But I was also baffled.

Book writing gurus talk ad nauseum about the importance of having platform. If you are going to sell books you need a group of people who regularly interact with you and are interested in what you have to say. A year earlier I had that group, but then it was abruptly taken from me. God brought a dream I had to life but the timing was all wrong.

We had just moved to the Houston area. We had no friends. No connections. And, as much as I had tried, it felt like God was closing every ministry door I attempted to walk through. So I started freaking out. How was I going to get this book into peoples’ hands?

It felt like the worst possible time for that book to get published. It’s really hard to sell books. It’s nearly impossible if you don’t have a platform.

So this week I head to Cancun, Mexico to speak at a youth leadership event about Vision Map – in Spanish. I won’t even go into how it all came about. It seems totally random, like most of the speaking gigs I’ve gotten lately.

While preparing my talk I started thinking back to two years ago when I was freaking out. It seemed like God came through at the wrong time. Bad strategy Big Guy. But since that little book came out God has opened doors I could never have opened on my own. The book isn’t a bestseller by any means, but God is using it.

I say all that to say this.

On our best day we’ll only understand about 1.7% of what God is doing. You can strategize and follow all the formulas that the experts throw out there. The formulas may work to an extent, but ultimately it’s God who decides how things are gonna go down. He likes to work outside our little boxes and formulas.

God will often do things at what seems to be the worst possible time. I think he works this way so when something amazing happens you won’t get all cocky thinking it was you who did it. You’ll know it was all him. He wants the credit.

Embrace everything God gives, even if the timing seems wrong. God is always working. Always. Trust his timing.

Jesus said to them, “My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working. (John 5:17)