The Question We All Want Answered

The Question We All Want Answered

I had just settled into my seat for the 8-hour, overnight flight to Madrid. I knew a big day awaited me so I was determined to get some sleep.

Only problem was, the lady next to me was wired up on Starbucks. She started quizzing me about what I do. I let it slip that I’m a counselor.

Her face lit up. She began telling me about a string of horrible relationships and the husband who had just left her. Then she told me about her parents and how much they had hurt her. I just listened. It felt like we were halfway over the Atlantic before she finally stopped for a moment and asked this question:

“I guess I’m just wondering if something is wrong with me… Am I ok?”

The question rattled me because I had never heard it put so clearly. It’s the exact thing I and everyone in the world is basically asking in our most vulnerable moments.

Am I the only one who is always afraid? Am I the only one who feels alone? Am I the only one with such a messed up family?

We are all the same really. We are all deeply insecure and longing to be accepted. We thrash around and yell and scream and cry looking for someone to accept us.

If someone will just tell us we are ok – a pastor, an author, a social cause, the government – we’ll follow them wholeheartedly.

But even if they say it, the doubts still linger. We still wonder.

Every person you meet is desperately insecure. We all cover it, best as we can. But we all are longing for love and acceptance. It’s a longing that only an unconditional and perfect love can fill. A love straight from The Source of Love.

If you’ll choose to offer love and acceptance to everyone you meet no small crowd will gather around you. And then you can point them straight to the one who really can make you ok. Jesus. Do that and there is no limit to the impact we can have in this world.

You have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless, until they can find rest in you. – St. Augustine