4 Books That Will Make You Smarter (And More Interesting), Part 2

4 Books That Will Make You Smarter (And More Interesting), Part 2

A few months ago I wrote a blog post about random books I’ve read that have beefed up my ability to talk with folks about lots of different subjects.

I’ve heard some great feedback from people who read the books. They agreed that they were fascinating. Well, I’ve still been reading and have found a few more books that I think will make you smarter (and more interesting).

Check them out and let me know what you think. You can click on the title to be taken to the book on Amazon.com

  1. A Peace to End All Peace by David Fromkin

We are all well aware of the ongoing chaos in the Middle East. But I had no idea how the modern Middle East had come to be. It all started with the fall of the Ottoman Empire after World War 1. This book helped me gain a better understanding of some of the roots of the complex issues facing the Middle East today.

  1. On China by Henry Kissinger

I’ve spent a lot of time in China, but what I learned from this book rivaled what I learned from actually being there. Kissinger talks about the game of wei qi and shows how the game has been an example of Chinese history as invaders have come and gone but China has remained as the world’s longest civilization.

  1. Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

Pretty much everything Malcolm Gladwell writes is amazing. But I particularly loved Blink. The book is about intuition and what he calls thin slicing – making quick analysis of situations based on first contact. Among other things it’s about trusting our instincts and natural intuition to make decisions.

  1. Third Culture Kids by David Pollock and Ruth Van Reken

I’m particulary biased about this book because I am a Third Culture Kid – someone who was raised in a country other than their passport country. I read it a while back and it was life changing for me. But with the world getting smaller, and immigration around the globe on the rise, I recently picked it back up and found it to be very helpful in learning to work with folks from different cultural backgrounds.

Leaders are readers. 🙂 So get reading!