No, I’m Not Excited About Having Kids

No, I’m Not Excited About Having Kids

Sometime in the next two weeks Emily will go into labor. We’ll head to the hospital, spend a tense few hours there, then drive home with a new member of the Malm family in the backseat.

People keep asking me, “Are you excited?”

I usually just smile and say, “Ya, it’s gonna be great.” But truth is, current emotions are ranging from panic to abject terror. It’s hard to get excited about something that people regularly describe as “daily death to self” and “the most difficult thing you’ll ever do.” Ooh fun! Now I’m excited. Sounds just like a trip to Disneyland!

Of course, that’s the kind of bizarre encouragement we got about marriage too. Strange the things people think will encourage you during major life transitions… But I digress. Cool thing is, I’ve actually loved marriage. It hasn’t been nearly as hard as people made it sound.

So no, I’m not excited. I don’t get excited about doing new things. I’m too analytical for that. Instead, I get nervous. But then I do it anyway because, well, this is life and God has called us to live it. And I’ve learned that it’s when you do the hard, scary things that you really start to tap into what God has for you.

So, that’s what I’m hanging my hat. Not excitement. It’s knowledge of past experience. Every other time I’ve done something that scared me, good came out of it. Even when it was messy and hard. Even when I wasn’t very good at it.

God gets glory when we embrace the difficult path and count on him. And when God gets glory, we get joy.

So get out there and drum up some joy in life by embracing all the hard things. You might even find that you start getting excited about the challenge and the results God is going to bring from it.

Hmm… maybe I am excited after all.

…we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame… Romans 5:3-5 (One of my all time favorites!)