The Secret to Discovering Your Hidden Talent

The Secret to Discovering Your Hidden Talent

White Pass & Yukon Route Railway - Sawtooth Mountain
I was with a team in Beijing, China when we decided to take an unplanned trip to Mongolia.

We were told our train would stop at the border of China and Mongolia to change wheels. Apparently, the Chinese were afraid of a Russian invasion back in the day, so they changed rail size to avoid attack. They actually lift up the entire train and put new wheels under it at the border.

At around 1:00am we got to the border of Mongolia. They let us off on the Chinese side of the border while the train went to get a wheel change. I thought I heard them say the process would take four hours. That seemed like a long time, but I didn’t know any better.

We wandered around town for a while, then I got bored and went back to the train station alone. The train was already back. Everyone was on board. They were ready to leave.

I started panicking. The rest of my team (including my sister) was roaming around somewhere in that Chinese town. The train blew a whistle, then slowly began moving forward. I ran up to the train attendant who only spoke Mongolian and Chinese.

I used all thirty-five words I know in Chinese to convince him they couldn’t leave. Then somehow I communicated I needed him to give me ten more minutes. He grabbed his radio and grunted a few words. The train ground to a halt.

Before I left, I shoved my passport into the attendant’s hand, figuring he wouldn’t dare leave me without it. I took off running. It took me about fifteen minutes to round everyone up. We raced back and, thankfully,  the train was waiting. We jumped on board and the train rumbled ahead into the dark Mongolian desert.

I think about that experience a lot. To this day I’m still not sure how I managed to communicate with that train attendant and convince him to stop the train. It’s really amazing how resourceful you can be when you are desperate. I think most of us have a lot more in us than we think we do.

So I wonder if we should start looking at those moments of challenge and desperation that arise as a chance to see what’s in us. Maybe they are a strange gift from God that forces us to lean into him and pull some abilities out that we never thought we had.

Or, if you are looking for some motivation, put yourself in a challenging situation that requires you get creative. Take some risks.

Don’t get discouraged by challenge. See it as a chance to trust God and discover some hidden power within you.