My Baby Has No Clue How Good She’s Got It

My Baby Has No Clue How Good She’s Got It

For the past nine months Emily and I have been getting ready for our daughter to arrive. We’ve been cleaning out the house, saving up money, and reading tons of books.

Now she’s here and it feels like we are constantly working to make sure everything is in order for her. We are always preparing little milk bottles and stocking diapers so when she needs it – it’s there.

Basically, all this kid has to do is eat, sleep and poop. She really has it quite good.

I was lying in bed early this morning worrying about a bunch of stuff coming up. I thought about how easy our baby has it. Someone is always working behind the scenes to make sure life keeps moving forward for her.

Then I started thinking about times in the past when God has worked things out for us, even when it seemed impossible. He was working behind the scenes the entire time to make sure that at the perfect time I had just what I needed.

I felt a little surge of confidence in my chest as I thought about it. I have limited resources and knowledge. I’m weak. But even in my weak state I’m constantly working to make sure my daughter has what she needs.

God says we are his children. He has unlimited resources. His knowledge is so vast that he knows what you need before you ask him. Matt. 6:8

That should give us all confidence.

You and I can live courageously knowing God is always working behind the scenes. He knows what we need. He knows what’s good for us. Just when we need it, he’ll have it ready for us.

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Phil 4:19