The Move That Ruined My Life

The Move That Ruined My Life

When I was eleven years old my dad called our whole family into my sister’s room and announced he’d be ruining my life. I’ll never forget the moment the words rolled off his lips.

“Your mom and I feel like God is calling us to move to Guatemala.”

I was devastated.

Guatemala was a country in civil war. You couldn’t distinguish the good guys from the bad guys. Violence. Kidnappings. Destruction.

On top of that, I was just starting to sit with the cool kids at lunch. I was actually starting to hit the ball in little league rather than jump out of the batter’s box, afraid of being hit. I had moved from third to second string on the football team. Things were looking up for me.

But this, this was going to ruin it all.

I was furious. I concocted a plan to stay back and live with my grandpa. The plan didn’t fly. Six months later my dad hauled us all to the war-torn country of Guatemala.

That move did ruin my life, but it ruined it in a good way. And I can’t thank my parents enough for their courage.

It changed the entire course of my life. I learned Spanish. I developed a love for other cultures. I developed friendships that have lasted a lifetime. I learned the value of reckless obedience to God.

It all started with one act of courage.

Some would say courage to a point of recklessness. Lots of people warned my dad that what he was doing was risky. But my parents took a risk with no guarantee how it would work out. The rewards are still flowing from that decision. Their life is still reaping the benefits. So are their kids’ lives.

Your decision to be courageous is about more than just you. It affects others. And I’m convinced that courage is never wasted. When you obey what you feel God has placed in your heart – no matter how many people discourage you from it – you will never regret it. Even if you fail or it ends in what seems like disaster, you will have grown your faith.

And without faith it is impossible to please God… Hebrews 11:6

Be courageous. Set an example for those around you. Your courage might impact more people than you could ever imagine.