4 Signs You Might Be a Boring Person

4 Signs You Might Be a Boring Person

I was at a party recently and I got cornered by someone who said they wanted to ask my opinion on something. About seventeen seconds into the conversation I discovered that what they really wanted to do was share their very narrow-minded opinion about something with me. I did my best to pay attention, but I just found it so difficult to stay focused. They were really boring to listen to.

Now, please understand, I am absolutely convinced that every single human being has inherent value given to them by God. Every person is important and God has a destiny for everyone. We are all capable of extraordinary things – no matter how limited we may feel.

That said, I think it’s tragic that some people choose to be boring people. I say choose, because it really is a choice. I believe anyone can become an interesting and inspiring person. But it takes courage. You have to expand your perspective. You have to keep your mind open and be dedicated to constantly learning. You may have to be willing to look a little foolish.

Here are four signs of a boring person (and some hints on how to get more interesting):

  1. Boring People Don’t Create – Every human being is created in the image of God. And God is creative. So, whether you think you are creative or not, you have creative capacity in you. You just have to develop it. But you’ll never become creative by just consuming – information, music, fast food, TV. (That’s why I’m not a fan of iPads, they are created for consuming, not creating – think about it.) You’ve gotta get courageous and be willing to look a little foolish. Learn a musical instrument, learn to cook, start a blog. Bring something new to this world.
  1. Boring People Don’t Read – I have never met a fascinating person that doesn’t read. A lot. Reading expands and opens your mind. It teaches you things you may never be able to experience personally. You may not like non-fiction, but you can actually learn a lot from good, well-researched fiction. It is proven that reading does something for your brain that TV will never do. Man shall not live on documentaries alone. Become a reader and you’ll be an interesting person. Here are some books to start with.
  1. Boring People Don’t Take Risks – Very little of any value on this earth happens without someone being willing to take a serious risk. People who take risks inspire us. We write books and make movies about them. On the other hand, there is no quicker way to become a boring person than to spend your life trying to figure out how to avoid loss and hedging your bets. That’s not inspiring. So get courageous. Get some counsel, then do that thing that is scaring the heck out of you. Even if you fail you’ll have an interesting story to tell around the campfire.
  1. Boring People Don’t Ask Questions – The most boring people I know only talk about themselves. Incessantly. I’m sure they think they are interesting, but really they are just self-absorbed. There’s nothing quite as boring as a self-absorbed person. On the other hand, the most fascinating people I know are always asking questions. They want to learn about other people, cultures, and ways of thinking. The more you listen, the more interesting you’ll be when you speak. So start asking questions.

Get out there and learn. Grow. Try hard stuff. Be courageous. Do this, and rather than having to corner people at a party people will actually walk up and want to talk to you. 🙂