They Aren’t Realists, They’re Just Bitter

They Aren’t Realists, They’re Just Bitter

When I was in college I had a large number of teachers who felt it was their duty to rail against “the man.” Of course, they weren’t all that way. But a bunch of them talked as though they were heroes for standing up against a system that no one wanted to acknowledge had issues.

I admired those professors. I’ve got a natural bent toward pessimism, so I wanted to be like them – running around ranting about all that’s wrong with the world.

I adopted all their hip phrases, “I’m not a pessimist, I’m a realist! And the world is really screwed up!”

I read all the intellectual books by the angry people. I could quote all the stats and rage against “the man” with the best of them.

But now that I’ve lived a little bit I look back and realize something.

Those professors weren’t realists. They were just bitter. And so was I.

Who knows what happened in those professor’s lives to drive them to that point.

Maybe they lost a job unjustly. Maybe they got all these degrees and nobody wanted to hire them. Or maybe they couldn’t get anyone to listen to them in the real world, so they escaped to a wonderland where they had a captive audience and could hold the threat of bad grades over their dissenters.

Oh snap! Did I just say that? I did…. This backspace key doesn’t seem to be working. I guess I’ll just have to leave it. But I digress.

Sadly, pessimists are pretty much everywhere. I’ve even met a bunch of them preaching from pulpits.

Listen. Anyone can point out what’s wrong with the world. Pessimism is easy.

Optimism takes courage. It takes courage to hold onto hope when everything around you seems to indicate the ship is going down.

But I’m convinced you can’t fix the boat if you are standing on the front ranting about the hole in the bow. You can only fix things when you roll up your sleeves, dive in, and do something – all the while believing there’s hope for the world. Crazy hope.

Be brave. Be optimistic. There is hope.

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure… Jesus. Hebrews 6:19-20