The Secret to Finding Your Calling

The Secret to Finding Your Calling

When we were starting a café in Peru we brought in a coffee expert to teach us about coffee. I had no idea who the guy was or what he did, another team member arranged it all. I showed up kind of reluctantly, but I learned a ton about coffee that day. I came to find out that our teacher was one of the top specialty coffee experts in the world.

I asked him how he had become such an expert. He said he had actually moved to Peru to be a Bible teacher. While he was there he ran into some Christian coffee farmers who were struggling. They asked him if he could help them get their coffee exported.

He didn’t know anything about coffee at the time, but he wanted to help those farmers. So he started studying. He asked tons of coffee dealers what they were looking for in good coffee. He read lots of books. He discovered he really enjoyed learning about coffee and he was helping those farmers. So he went at it full-force.

He became a highly sought-after cupper. He’s basically coffee’s equivalent of a wine sommelier. He knows all the ins and outs of how to blend coffee crops from one year to another and create a taste that is pleasant to the drinker. He told me that for years the job didn’t make him much money, but now he’s making a decent living doing it. Most importantly – he loves it!

I always think about him when people tell me they don’t have any clue what they are called to do with their lives. I like his story because he kind of stumbled into what he is doing. He just followed the breadcrumbs that were in front of him and did his best to obey whatever God asked of him. It took him somewhere he never could have imagined.

I think sometimes we get too uptight about finding our purpose, like it’s something hidden. I’m convinced God isn’t trying to hide our “one calling” from us (if that even exists). For most of us the real problem is fear. We know what we really want to do, but it’s scary. It doesn’t pay much and we want the security of money – so we stay in something that we aren’t really passionate about. Or there’s a chance we could fail at what we really want to do, so we play it safe and stick with what we know rather than try something new.

If you want to find your calling I think it’s really quite simple. Just be brave enough to do whatever God puts in front of you – even if it means giving up a little security or looking a little foolish at first. Do that and I’m certain you’ll find your calling.