My 1,345,235th Favorite Experience in Life

My 1,345,235th Favorite Experience in Life

Last week while we were at my parent’s house for Thanksgiving I got a text message from my neighbor saying that the main water line to my house had broken and was flooding his yard and mine. He had to shut off the water. I called a plumber I know. He said he couldn’t get to it for a week. I called several other plumbers but they were going to be mega-expensive. Ugh.

So, when we got home this weekend I grabbed a shovel and headed to the front yard to find the leak. It was challenging because it has been raining here for the past three days. Everything is wet. But thankfully, I quickly uncovered the problem then ran to Lowe’s, got the $15 in parts, and fixed it.

Kneeling there in the mud, cutting away at PVC in a huge puddle with rain pouring down my mind flashed back to living in Acapulco a few years back. We were supposedly there to share Jesus with the locals, but I’m pretty convinced that experience was a boot camp of sorts for me. I spent most of my days repairing broken toilets, electrical outlets, air conditioners, and water pumps.

Our time in Acapulco had a few enjoyable moments, but over all it wouldn’t even qualify as my 1,345,234th favorite experience in life. I didn’t really enjoy much about it. It was WAY out of my comfort zones (all of them) and didn’t play to my strengths in any way.


In Acapulco I developed a confidence I don’t think I could have gotten any other way. I learned that I have the capacity to fix broken things. It’s just a matter of taking the time. Now, when something breaks at my house or in my car I don’t just throw up my hands and say, “It’s beyond me!” Nope. I know I can fix it, if I want to take the time. Sometimes it’s worth my time, sometimes it’s more worth it to hire someone. But I’m capable and know it.

I say all this to encourage you that if you are going through a hard, uncomfortable time right now doing something that doesn’t feel very fulfilling – consider embracing it. It’s probably a training ground. It’s quite possible God is using this season to build your confidence. You can complain and make the whole experience miserable (like I’m ashamed to admit I did often in Acapulco) or you can realize that you won’t be here forever.

It’ll help you shift your perspective. You are in training. Put your shoulders back and move forward into the challenge with a sense of expectancy. You are growing and learning, which is rarely comfortable. But in the end I’m pretty certain you’ll look back and realize all of this was preparation for bigger things ahead.

For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison… 2 Cor. 4:17