The Best Christmas Presence Ever

The Best Christmas Presence Ever

About an hour after my daughter Elise was born my dad shot a candid picture of the entire family sitting around the hospital room. Emily was holding the newborn in her arms adoring her, the rest of us, well, I’m ashamed to admit we were all looking at our phones.

Yes, it’s lame. I know. The ironic thing is, we were all looking at pictures we had just taken of the newborn wonder. The wonder that was just feet away from us. But instead, I was checking out the visual representation of that baby on a bright screen.

I don’t know what my problem is, but I’m prone to burying my face in my phone looking at pictures of something, when the real something is just feet away from me. I think my tendency to stare at my phone comes from either my obsession with capturing the moment or my fear that I’m missing another moment somewhere else.

Either way, I end up missing out. I can never truly capture a moment. I can only live it. And, even if I’m watching someone else’s moment online, I’m not really there and I’m missing a real moment right in front of me. Alas! One doth lose either way with ye olde cell phone.

So, this week is Christmas. I’ve decided I’m determined to give my family my presence. I’m not gonna go posting pictures of every moment. I’m not gonna be snooping online to see what other people got for Christmas. I’m not gonna take pictures and look at them on my phone while the family is all sitting on the couches around me. Heck, I might not even take pictures at all. I might just soak up every moment and remember it.

I wonder if maybe you might want to consider doing the same. Imagine what could happen if we actually became as obsessed with being present with our friends and family as we are with our phones and people who we rarely ever talk to.

Be present this year. It’s a great present. (See what I did there?) 🙂

Merry Christmas Y’all.