When You Choose Courage, This Will Always Happen…

When You Choose Courage, This Will Always Happen…

Recently a young lady joined the Summit Life Coaching program with a dilemma. She’s at the top of her game in corporate America, but feels deep down that she is called to a different kind of life. But she was scared out of her mind to pursue the thing she wanted to do.

In our first meeting she shared that she felt called to move to the other side of the world and help women who are victims of abuse. So a choice was in front of her. She could stay at a cushy job in corporate America or raise support as a missionary and go after what she felt an increasing burden to do.

By our second meeting she had prayed and felt like it was the time to be courageous and step out.

As we were wrapping up that second meeting I warned her about something I’ve seen happen to folks who make courageous decisions. Almost without exception, right after a decision to be brave is made, an option always appears that offers safety and security and maybe even a promotion. It just seems to happen that way.

Well, she announced her decision to pursue her calling to her family and friends. Some got it, others didn’t. So it was obviously a little discouraging. But she pressed forward.

Then Saturday it happened. She called me. ‘You aren’t gonna believe this. I just got offered an opportunity to take my dream job. More money, a promotion, a transfer to an amazing part of the country. It’s everything I could have ever dreamed of… up until last week.’

Fortunately, she decided to be brave and turn down the offer. I was pretty proud of her at that moment.

Amigos, the life you really want is usually just on the other side of your biggest fear. To get there you have to act in spite of uncertainty and choose the scary option. Joseph Campbell said it this way:

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek.

If you’ve decided it’s time to face your fear and act, get ready – an Option B will appear that will be pretty appealing and promise security. But speaking as someone who has chosen the scarier option a time or two – it’s worth it. Chose courage over security. Security is a myth and many a person has surrendered a life of fulfillment to the illusion of security.

Be bold. Resolve to choose the path of courage. It’s worth it.