The Bond I Share With Derek Zoolander

The Bond I Share With Derek Zoolander

There’s a guy in one of the churches I speak at fairly regularly who always sends me a written critique of my talks. I never asked him to do it. In fact, it really annoyed me at first. I don’t think the guy does any public speaking, so he has no idea the pressure I feel up there. But I guess he decided I needed some help and he was gonna be the one to do it.

The last time I spoke (about a year ago) he mentioned something in his email critique that caught my attention. “You only speak to the middle and right side of the audience. You never turn left.”

I started watching videos of myself speaking (an agonizingly painful thing to do) and realized he was right. It made me realize I share a common bond with Derek Zoolander. I’m not an ambiturner!

I was determined to overcome this problem. So I started writing LOOK LEFT in big blue letters on the top of my speaking notes. As I spoke I got better and better about looking at all of the audience.

Well, last week I spoke at that church again. And sure enough, as I was walking out of the church my phone buzzed with an email from the guy. He commended me for speaking to the entire audience. He also complimented a bunch of other stuff he said I’ve improved on. In that moment I realized that I really owed that guy some thanks.

I hate criticism. A lot. Even well-intentioned criticism tends to bother me. But I’m learning that critics can be a blessing. As long as you don’t let their criticism stop you in your tracks.

We’ve all got blind spots. There are things we do that we don’t even realize are hindering us. Even those at the top of their game need people to point out bad habits they’ve got. Why else would someone like Tiger Woods need a coach?

Don’t be afraid of the critics. Listen carefully to what they have to say. Then eat the fish and spit out the bones. God might just use their criticism to help you get to where he wants to take you.

Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses. –Proverbs 27:6




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