Stop Waiting for Help From the Big Guy

Stop Waiting for Help From the Big Guy

When I first had the idea to start leading people on outdoor adventures around the world I knew I needed help. So I started contacting as many influential organizations as possible, hoping they’d be willing to partner with me. I was underwhelmed by their willingness to help. I just couldn’t understand, I knew I had a great idea. Why didn’t people want to jump on board and help?

So nowadays, I work with lots of people who are starting things. I can relate to their pain when they complain that their church or other organizations don’t jump onboard with their idea. I’ve had folks who want their church to get as excited about foster care or feeding the homeless or doing missions as they are. They are certain if the “big guy” (whether that’s a pastor or CEO or another successful organization) will get onboard their idea will be a success.

They don’t usually like my answer when they ask me what they should do next. I tell them this:

Stop waiting for the big guys to approve or get onboard. Just start doing it. Get some success under your belt, and eventually the big guy will take notice and come knocking on your door.

If God has given you a vision or dream to do something there’s a good chance you are going to start out doing it on your own – just you and God.

But that’s enough.

God will bring the people along to help you. But in the beginning it will probably be just you. And that’s ok. Because you’ll be completely dependent on God – which is exactly what he wants.

Don’t be afraid to start alone. Don’t be afraid to start small. Don’t be afraid to start without the backing of the big guy. There’s only one Big Guy’s backing that you really need. And he’s the one who put the dream in your heart. So just start.

Work hard. Depend on God. And sooner or later the big guys will take notice. They’ll probably even get on board with what you are doing.


Beginning empty handed and alone frightens the best of men. It also speaks volumes of just how sure they are that God is with them. – Gene Edwards, A Tale of Three Kings