When God Fails and Saves Your Life

When God Fails and Saves Your Life

The other day my dad shared a story about a friend of his who works with a deaf soccer team from Gaza. He’s a Christian, but the team is Muslim. He wanted to take them to a soccer camp in Europe. He managed to raise enough money for all their tickets, but he came up $1000 short and was never able to get the passports they needed. He was really disappointed that God hadn’t provided.

Until he got this letter from the guy who ran the soccer camp in Paris:

Thank God for your well being. The tickets we had reserved for your return flight was on the Egypt Air plane that crashed in the sea.

Why did God choose to spare this soccer team and not the others that ended up on that plane? I have no idea, and probably never will. But this little story reminds me of something John Piper once said:

“God is always doing 10,000 things in your life, and you may be aware of three of them.”

God is always working. Always. Even when it seems he is sleeping or has completely failed, his grace is being poured out in ways I have no capacity to understand. I’ll never get my mind around all he is doing. My job when I start to doubt his control in my life is to simply remember, “My times are in your hands…” (Ps. 31:15)

God is always up to something good. Nothing slips past him. Nothing happens that he is not aware of. Be courageous, God is always at work behind the scenes.