Making My Mom Hitchhike Through Maine

Making My Mom Hitchhike Through Maine

Last week I took a Summit Leaders team on an adventure in Maine. We kayaked and hiked and had some great time for spiritual growth. The trip was as close to perfect as I’ve ever experienced. But a few years ago I did the same trip and it wasn’t quite as smooth.

On that previous trip the team didn’t make it as far as I had anticipated on the hike (mostly because of my lack of preparation) and I realized I had communicated poorly regarding what they should expect. There were a series of snafus, including my own mom getting separated from the team and having to hitchhike to the nearest town. (Ask her about it some time.) The trip was still a great experience, but I was disappointed in myself for how it all went down. I learned and made lots of adjustments based on that trip.

I was thinking about the difference between those two trips today and it reminded me of something I learned a long time ago, but tend to forget:

The people who do new things don’t have it all figured out. They are usually learning along the way. But that didn’t keep them from trying.

Way too often we never try new things because we are afraid we’ll mess up or look foolish doing it. We are afraid people will figure out we have no idea what we are doing. The sad thing is, when we don’t take the bold step of trying it we are left wondering what could have been.

If there is something in your heart that you really feel called to step out and try I encourage you – do it! Even if you have no idea what you are doing – do it! Start the organization. Write the book. Take the promotion. You are going to learn along the way. And I promise you’ll get better and better. You won’t get it right every time, but that’s ok. People are really gracious. Just stay humble. They’ll understand.

Be brave. Get out there and learn as you go.

If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid. – Epictetus


Click here to see a video of the Maine trip.